Tikhi Bhakri (Spicy Wheat Flatbread)

Bhakri is a crispy unleavened wheat flatbread. I say spicy in the title, but it is not really spicy at all. It does include a small amount of red chili powder..thus the name spicy I guess. However, bhakri dough is very stiff..stiffer than parathas’ dough. I think making bhakris is an arm workout in itself…the main reason I think twice before making them 😉


Tikhi bhakri has been my favorite breakfast ever since I can remember. When we were kids, mom made this for us every Sunday morning. We used to so look forward to it. Hot bhakris with a dollop (I know..but I loved it!) of ghee on top of it and some godkeri (a gujju pickle) and lasan chutney on side with hot cup of tea! It was purely heaven. Both my sister and me would stuff ourselves up with bhakris and tea and then skip lunch. Even now, whenever I visit India, mom makes this every single morning of my visit.

When J and I visited India about 2 years ago for our second wedding ceremony (We got married once here in the US and my family couldn’t get here due to late visa appointments and a second time in India), it was his first time there and naturally he was quite nervous about meeting my family, relatives, indian food, etc. It was during this trip that I realized that in India (at least in our home), we have so many varieties of foods, gujarati, maharashtrian, north indian, south indian, street food..the list can go on. But all this is still Indian food..with Indian spices, curries, etc. unlike here in US where we cook/eat italian, indian, mexican, middle eastern, etc. cuisines. It was very difficult for J because first he had to be a vegetarian for two weeks..which he could manage (barely! 😉 ) and second he couldn’t take indian food for 3 times a day for two straight weeks. We had to go to restaurants for italian food and pizzas so that he could get a break. But one thing that he loved and begged my mom to make it, was tikhi bhari. He pretty much had it 3 times a day on some occasions. It is a prefect breakfast for us now…i.e. when I am ready for an arm workout!



Recipe: Tikhi Bhakri
(Makes 6 bhakris)


1-1/2 cups wheat flour (atta)
1/4 tsp red chili powder
1/8 tsp turmeric
1 Tbsp oil
Salt per taste
Warm water for kneading


In a plate with sides, mix flour, red chili powder, turmeric, salt and oil. Pour warm water in the mix and knead till you get a stiff dough. Make six equal pieces of dough. Roll each piece of dough into a round disc..about 1/4″ thick.

Heat a skillet on medium-high heat. Place one rolled disc onto the skillet. When you see bubbles forming on the top side of the disc, turn it to cook the other side. With a clean kitchen towel press on the top of bhakri. Turn it to the other side and repeat pressing it down with the kitchen towel. This makes the bhakri crsipy. Once cooked on both sides, place the bhakri on a plate and pour a small amount of ghee on it. Repeat till all bhakris are cooked. Enjoy it with a cup of tea!



10 Responses to Tikhi Bhakri (Spicy Wheat Flatbread)

  1. Sameera says:

    This looks gooood 🙂
    Im a fan of parathas,thalipeeths,bhaakris and all such things !
    Im sure its ideal for thsoe days when the fridge needs to be stocked 🙂 Gonna try it sooon
    Best Rgds,
    Sam !

    Hey Sam..thanks for stopping by. Do give this one a try and let em know how you like it 🙂

  2. Tee says:

    I would definitely not mind this delicious breakfast everyday!

    Hello Tee…I am telling you, it is the best breakfast EVER!

  3. Anjali J. says:

    wow.. wonderful looking bhakris.. very simple and easy to make..

    Thank you for stopping by Anjali. 🙂

  4. notyet100 says:

    thy look delicious,..thnks forshrin,.:-)..ceeya..

    Thank you Priyanka..Btw, I love your embroidery.

  5. Aparna says:

    Teekhi, never had it but definitely yes, for bhakhri. We really like it, especially with a hot and sweet mango pickle (is that what you were referring to?

    Hey Aparna..If you do like bhakris, do give this a try with ghee! And yes, it is the hot and sweet mango pickle I was talking about in the post.

  6. Srivalli says:

    wow..that sure is a lovely one!..

    Thank you Sri!

  7. Meera Mihir says:

    Hi Meera,
    I am your namesake! 🙂 Your tikhi bhakri looks delicious. You have a very nice blog.

    I just noticed that all your posts are linked to me if you click on the contributors list.
    I thought I will bring it to your attention. i wonder if there should be another entry for Meera under “contributors”.

    best Regards

    Hello Meera…Thank you for visiting my site and also for bringing up the contibutor’s error. I really appreciate it. I’ll email Sailu and see if we can add another entry for contributor. Btw, I love your blog! 🙂

  8. Meera Mihir says:

    Hi Meera,

    Thanks for making your entry in the contributors list. I too tried to update my profile adding a suffix, but since then all my entries on Taste of India got linked to Gromit. So I had to change my profile back to just Meera. Sorry for any confusion.

    You are welcome and thank you for bringing it to my attention Meera 🙂

  9. Rashmi says:

    Ita another one of those drizzly Singapore mornings today..how I would love that Tikhi bhakri and chai for breakfast.

    aww…this would be a perfect breakfast for such a morning.

  10. Trupti says:

    I love the ‘kadak’ bhakris for breakfast…the plain ones are good too! and yes, I agree they sure do work out the arms! 😉

    cheers, trupti
    The Spice Who Loved Me

    Thanks Trupti. I agree the plain kadak bhakris for breakfast are just delicious. Btw, I love your blog 🙂

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